Single holiday in Thailand with travel companion

Are you looking for a Thai holiday companion for your single trip or vacation in Thailand? Then you are right on Thai Single Reisen - the provider of an exciting single holiday in Thailand

Thailand Holiday with companion
Thailand Holiday with companion

Of course, there are many bar girls in Thailand who are often very tired. But as a freshman in Thailand it can be quite stressful to grab one bar after the other to either end up with no suitable accompaniment or to pay too much for bad service. Then the search starts again the next day - and hardly is the holiday over again. Our companions are all selected according to certain rules and belong to our circle of friends. Many women also work full time, i.e. as hairdresser or saleswoman.

Take a look at our website and choose your personal travel companion - without obligation and without advance payment. You will avoid typical tourist traps, pay local prices, only make really worthwhile trips and spend an unforgettable and stress free vacation.

The road to your Thailand holiday with your personal Thai tour guide is simple:

  1. Choose a Favorite travel companion from our selection
  2. Choose a Travel packagefrom our listings
  3. Make a non-binding booking request

We will contact you as soon as possible to further plan your trip to Thailand.