Thailand holiday with companion

At ThaiSingleReisen you'll find the Thai holiday companion you're looking for.
Our travel companions share the following characteristics:

  • Loving, affectionate, caring
  • Good command of English
  • Talent to organize and plan your single journey
  • Good local knowledge throughout Thailand
  • some Thai girls with car and driver license (marked in the girl's profile with a car icon

Further benefits of a single vacation with companions can be found at:
Thailand vacation for single men - the benefits

Thai Frau Pattaya Mena
Thai Frau Pattaya Mena
Our travel companions take care of you.

The begin of your single journey

After the booking of your Thai girl is done, you will receive a definite confirmation from us if your companion is available and if monthly regularly recurring days fall exactly in your booking period.
If you have not booked your flight yet, now is the time to do so as the flights get more expensive over time.
Cheap flights can be found at

Travel destinations

Thailand is a big country where you can travel safely at any time of the day or night. Thailand is one of the safest countries in the world, it is comparable to Germany - although the German cities are probably more dangerous due to the high rate of foreigners.

Insel Ko Phi Phi near Phuket
Insel Ko Phi Phi near Phuket

What could be nicer to have fun with a nice companion and being in a safe country? In many countries, such as Africa or South America, both points are not easy to combine. You have a Thai girl on your side that you can count on and who can confidently take care of your valuables. For women from the disco or other Thai girls from the Internet, this confidence is often missing

We give valuable tips on destinations, including the available guides at:
Travel packages for your single travel

Holiday with Thai company in Bangkok

Bangkok is the ideal starting point for your single journey. Suvarnabhumi International Airport is one of the most impressive airports in the world and is easily accessible from all over Europe. In Bangkok, we also have a variety of excellent vacation companions who like to welcome you at the airport:
At the end of this article at the following link you will find our Thai companions for Bangkok.
Holiday with Thai companion in Bangkok

After having arrived at the hotel it is up to you how to proceed. Just talk openly with your companion on what you like to do. Example: Showering and relaxing in the hotel room, a meal together or sightseeing. Our companions know how to respond to your wishes.

King Power Maha Nakhon Bangkok
King Power Maha Nakhon: Bangkok's tallest building

An absolute must is a visit to Bangkok's tallest building (314m), which has a breathtaking viewing platform. A ride up the fastest lift in Thailand costs just a few Euros. Once reached the top you'll find a bar and a skywalk: You walk on shiny glass plates and feel like you're standing in the city.

From Bangkok, you can take trips to Pattaya or Hua Hin. Your guide and your German representative will be happy to help you find a taxi or other means of transport: More under:
Thailand holiday with travel companions in Pattaya
Cheap holiday in Pattaya

Holiday with Thai companion on the island of Phuket

The beautiful island of Phuket is the ideal holiday destination for newbies in the field of single travelers or men who like to enjoy their holiday the uncomplicated way.
What is unique is that ThaiSingleReisen offers a partner hotel on Phuket that offers excellent value for money and received positive feedback from our guests. More under:

Phuket Kata Beach
Thai Single Holiday on the island of Phuket

Thailand round trip with companion

Hua Hin River Kwai
Thailand round trip with tour guide

All of our guests, who want to combine city, countryside and beach during their holiday, we recommend our round trip offerThailand round trip with companion

Your Thai tour guide will show you the most beautiful sights, negotiate the best prices and spoil you everywhere else.

Further questions?

Please read our FAQ first and use our contact form: ThaiSingleReisen later on

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  1. Würde gern nächste Jahr in puketh Urlaub machen mit thai Begleitung. Wenn möglich deutsch sprechend. Wann wäre die beste Zeit zum verreisen

  2. Schön guten Tag ich werde ab April in Thailand sein und würde gern ab Ende April eine Begleitung haben wollen für 2 Wochen mit was für Kosten muss ich rechnen . Und die nächste Frage mein Englisch ist sehr schlecht habt ihr auch Damen die etwas deutsch können

    Translated: Good afternoon I will be in Thailand from April and would like to have a companion from the end of April for 2 weeks with what kind of costs I have to calculate. And the next question my English is very bad you also have ladies who know a little German

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