The booking process

The most important thing in advance: No prepayments are required from our guests. All costs will be charged locally in Thailand. Only our booking fee (one time payment) needs to be paid electronically - but with various of methods and only after you have met your companion. We understand ourselves for the entire journey - from the initial planning until the end of your holiday - as your consultant and holiday planner.

The entire booking process is equal to the usual steps from online shops and booking systems, including shopping cart and checkout.

After having selected your Thai holiday companion including travel period and travel destination, the next step guides you to her calender, which is visible in the profile of each girl. Please select a starting date via click on the green days as well as an end date. The total amount is displayed immediately.
Availability of the girls at Thai Single Reisen
Availability of the girls at Thai Single Reisen

A click on the Add companion to cart guides you to the next step - the cart. After a click, the confirmation pops up on the right upper side of the window, that your desired companion has been placed in the cart.

The cart icon in the main menu shows the number of booked girls in color. By clicking on the cart icont, the process continues via the checkout with a short name and e-mail address. The entire booking is intentionally made as quickly as possible and works with minimal disclosure of contact information from your side.

Thai Single Reisen Warenkorb
Thai Single Reisen Cart

The booking is absolutely non-binding, thus the submittal of the form obligates to no advance payment. After receiving your booking request, we will be pleased to discuss the further planning of your single vacation by mail or WhatsApp.

ThaiSingleReisen Checkout
The booking is only complete after having clicked on the Checkout Button

If all of your questions are cleared, it is advisable to book the flight to Thailand early in order to save costs. We cannot book the flight for you, but are happy to assist you in your search for a cheap flight. In order to reserve your companion and block the days on her calender, we need a copy of your flight confirmation or e-ticket. This way we want to make sure that you really start the journey.

In addition, we ask you to inform us a day before departure that you are flying as planned. Even after you have arrived in Thailand, we will continue to provide you with help and advice. If you book our Single Vacation on Phuket incl. Hotel you will be picked up by our driver and transferred to your hotel. In any case, one of our colleagues in Thailand will support you during your holiday and answers any concern or wish.