Single Holiday on Phuket

Relax with your Thai girl on the island of dream Phuket

Phuket 4* Resort PoolPhuket James Bond Insel

Overview: Airport pickup from Phuket * Stay at the beach in Patong * Day trips to attractions like James Bond Island

Duration:  5 days up

The hotel: 4* Resort in Phuket

Other hotels: See Holiday with Thai Companion in Phuket

For a relaxing, exciting and, above all, relaxing holiday, the hotel offers the 4*  hotel category ideal conditions. It has a great value for money with lavish breakfast and you can easily check in with your companion at no extra charge.

Phuket is an ideal starting point for day trips by speedboat to the famous island of Koh Pi Pi or the James Bond Island. Also, Phuket offers even dream beaches that invite you to snorkel or sunbathe. With a scooter that you rent from just 5 Euros per day, you can explore the whole island together with your companion.

Of course you can also book a hotel according to your wishes and check in together with your companion. Our previous guests were very satisfied with the following hotels: Holiday with Thai Companion in Phuket: Hotel recommendations