Costs of our Single Travel

The calculation of the total price depends on the level of the girl (indicated as a star in her profile), the holiday season, and above all the number of days booked.
The following table serves as a reference: It lists the periods for low, high and peak season and sets the price range and the amount of the one-time payment. The complete price will be displayed in the shopping cart, see The Booking Process. For any questions or concerns we kindly ask you to read or FAQ first.

Although some forums claim the opposite, it is almost impossible (Barfine from 500-2000 THB included) to find Thai holiday companion comparable to our girls elsewhere, except man is a supermodel or promises to marry her, which - if man is not serious - is immoral.

Price for your Thai holiday companion

Period Price per day Booking fee
Low season01. Mai – 30. Sept. Depending on the level of the girl between 3200 THB and 3400 THB 5000 THB or 78 €
High season01. Okt. – 30. Nov. Depending on the level of the girl between 3300 THB and 3500 THB 5000 THB or 78 €
Peak season01. Dez. – 30. April Depending on the level of the girl between 3400 THB and 3600 THB 5000 THB or 78 €
3000 THB are currently 78 €
Returning guests receive 2000 THB discount on the next booking
The Thai companion can be changed for free unlimited times. Our booking fee is only charged once per holiday.
The level of each lady is indicated with stars of 1-3 in her profile.

Not included in the price:
We ask you to book the flight to Thailand yourself. We are happy to assist you in your search for a cheap flight.
Cheap flights to Thailand can be found at:
In addition, there are additional costs for hotel and daily expenses, such as visits to restaurants, tickets and trips.

Of course - as it is common in Asia - as a man you pay the cost of food & drink. But it does not always need to be the expensive restaurant because our companions often prefer the cheap, local food much more.
Typical costs for a single holiday in Thailand you find here.

The total price will be displayed both during the booking process and in the confirmation email. With ThaiSingleReisen there is no need for an advance payment. The one-time payment will only be due once you have met your companion. So you do not take any risks. Our numerous regular guests are rewarded with favorable conditions.

Travel packages and hotel offers for your single holiday in Thailand

For all smart guys we offer a tailored single holiday with companion in Pattaya:
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