Why single men should go for a adult vacation Thailand?

The food

No matter if you spend a few days or a month in the land of smiles (Thailand), the Thai food is so delicious and varied that during your holiday you won't have the same dish twice. The Thai food is wholesome and not so calorie-rich as the Western. It helps you in addition to the activities with the Thai companion in addition to lose a few pounds. 🙂
Thai Food
Thai Fish (Bla Grapong)

The Thai girls

The Thais are traditionally friendly. Perhaps it is her form of greeting (the Wai - the folding of hands that looks almost like praying). But rather, this is the attitude of the Thai people (mai pen rai), which means it does not matter or no worries. This attitude towards life is paired with their motto: Sanuk, which means fun and makes the Thais such incredible nice and relaxed people. This positive attitude and the beauty and gentleness of the Thai women makes them the ideal holiday partner for Western men.
Thai girls - pure beauty
Thai girls - pure Beauty

The cheap travel

Tourists on a limited budget usually remove travel destinations from their list, due to lack of money. This is not the case in Thailand, where travel is cheap and there are various transport options. Airlines such as Air Asia and Nok Air make domestic flights affordable for every traveler. To our guests, we recommend either taxis or our limousine service for trips between Bangkok, Pattaya and Hua Hin. For 20-30 EUR you get a private chauffeur to drive 100-200 km - unimaginable at home.
Thai Transport
Cheap travel in Thailand

The weather

The Thai year is divided into three seasons (summer, rainy season, winter), all of which are suitable for traveling and swimming. In the Thai winter (November-February) it always has around 30 degrees with blue skies and no rain. But a holiday during the rainy season is worth it, because then the hotels and the fee of our companions are cheaper. See Frequently asked questions: Does it not rain all the time?
Thai Weather
Every day sunshine in Thailand


With over 1500 km of coastline, Thailand is home of many of the world's best diving spots. Thanks to the clear water, snorkeling is often enough for the holidaymaker to get an insight into the breathtaking underwater world. On Phuket and in Pattaya there are possibilities everywhere for diving trips. Our Thai holiday guides will gladly help you book a trip and negotiate a low price.
Diving in Thailand
Diving in Thailand
Of course, these were just a few reasons for your single vacation in Thailand: Beside these Thailand has a lot to offer culturally. But everything is only half as nice, if man does not have the right accompaniment at his side. More about our Thailand holiday with company and the available women in each destination at: Our travel packages

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  1. Ein nettes @ mein Urlaub hat bescheiden angefangen ( ist jetzt mein 3,x Jahr übergreifend) mit wechseln der Frau und schmerzen in den linken Bein und auch noch ein Krankenhaus besuch, aber ich hatte mit Hong einen wahren Glück griff gehabt sie hat sich sehr sehr gut um mich gekümmert sie ist ein wahrer Engel 😇 sie spricht sehr gut englisch und ist für jeden Spaß zu haben ergo eine 100 % weiter Empfehlung 😘 danke für die nette Zeit

  2. Hallo, würde gerne erstmalig einen Urlaub mit euch buchen. Hätte gerne einen Kontakt um Hotel und Begleitung abzustimmen. Vielen Dank Karl

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