Here we collect questions from our guests, which have been asked over and over again for the years. Maybe you will find here one or the other answer to your personal questions.

How the Booking works we explain under How to book

The booking of your adult vacation in Thailand is done by selecting the calendar days in the profile of your desired companion. The price is also displayed in real time. See also Booking process.
Important things first: travel agencies often book a single room. This means that your Thai companion is only allowed to enter the hotel after paying a surcharge at the reception (often almost 50% of the room price). The whole thing smells like a rip-off that hotels run together with the tour operators.
In Thailand, double occupancy actually costs the same as single occupancy. We provide hotel recommendations including booking links under Our Thailand adult vacation travel packages
You are welcome to travel to any destination such as the island of Koh Samui or neighboring countries such as Laos or Vietnam with your Thai companion.
However, the more far away the destination is, the more days you need to get to know each other. For example, if you want to travel to Vietnam by plane, we recommend at least two nights in Bangkok in advance.
This question is one of the most common and also difficult to answer because it really depends on the man. Nevertheless, an example for a 10-day vacation: 10 days escort a 88 € + one-time booking fee 130 € + 9 nights for the hotel a 52 € + 10 days food and drink a 52 € sums up to about 1991 €. In addition, there is the flight, which varies between 600 and 900 EUR depending on the season. It is advisable to book the flight as early as possible.
The exact and valid prices can be found at Pricing & Service.
Examples of typical living costs can be found at Single Holiday Costs in Thailand.
If you and your companion don't fit together, you can either switch or cancel. The girl's fee is only payable on a daily basis and not in advance. That's why you, as a man, don't carry any risk.
Our Thai Holiday Companions are also happy to travel to destinations other than Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. But we recommend 1-2 nights in Bangkok to get to know each other before you decide to travel.
In Thailand there are ATMs at every corner, especially at 7Eleven or FamilyMart markets. They are called ATM, which stands for Automated Teller Machine.
You can withdraw money with every international debit and credit card. Without fees, but with more risk (who likes to carry a lot of cash around), you can change money in exchange counters. The best rates are in Bangkok at Vasu Exchange opposite the BTS Station Nana.
Currency exchange Bangkok - Vasu Exchange
Currency exchange Bangkok - Vasu Exchange
Also we can not predict the weather. A Google search for Phuket Weather or Bangkok Weather often helps.
Otherwise climate diagrams are also suitable to estimate the weather for your future travel dates.
Keine Sorge: Ca. ein viertel unserer Gäste spricht kaum bis gar kein Englisch. Die Damen sind darauf eingestellt und mit Google Übersetzer auf dem Handy klappt es auch ganz gut.
The total price for our Thai Holiday Companions is determined by the number of booking days. If you meet a lady today and say goodbye to her tomorrow, these are two booking days, even if the time together is less than 48 hours. A booking for just one night causes the same organizational effort (for us and the girl) as a booking over several weeks. Therefore, short-bookings are relatively more expensive.
Normally, the time that the Thai companions leaves, matches with the time of the first meeting. However, the ladies are not so picky in case of mutual sympathy and a few hours overtime are actually no problem. The focus lies on romance and fun and it should not feel like a pure business - for both sides.

On the island of Phuket, we offer a pick-up service when you book our single travel offer. See: Single Vacation on Phuket

If you arrive at Bangkok Airport, take a taxi. A description can be found here: Holiday with Thai Companion in Bangkok

However, the ladies can also pick up inexperienced Thailand vacationers at the airport. Taking carecof the taxi costs for the girl and a small tip (10-20 €) for a very long waiting time at the airport are a matter of course.>

Unfortunately we can not book the flight for you, but we can assist you with the booking.
Cheap flights can be found at
Of course, you can choose your own hotel and take the Thai girl as a guest or friend to the room. This is usually not a problem in whole of Thailand - a double room costs just the same regardless of whether one or two people sleep in it. Caution is advised when booking through tour operators such as TUI. In the hotel confirmation is sometimes explicitly stated single occupancy lateron horrendous surcharge for the accompaniment is required. To be on the safe side, you can also specify the correct name of the company when you book your hotel. Upon request, you will receive this details from us.

Hotel recommendations from our previous guests can be found at: Individual travel/model service in Thailand
Hotels at best rates are available on Agoda for Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket.
In Thailand there are ATMs on every corner, where you can withdraw Thai baht with a debit or credit card. At the ATM you often get better exchange rates than at the exchange office, but there is a fee of 5-10 EUR for each transaction. We recommend our guests to withdraw money at the airport.
The exchange offices at the airport deliver worse rates than in the city. The rates of the ATMs are everywhere the same.
All hotels in Thailand accept credit cards.
About the money topic, our Checklist for a men's vacation in Thailand is essential.
The more booking the Thai companion gets, the higher is her grade. New holiday companions therefore automatically start in Level 1. The level system is mainly used to equalize supply and demand and to improve the utilization of the girls. Of course, there is also a correlation between the skills of the girl and her level.
The one-time payment for the first "come-together", which usually takes place on the first day, is charged once per booking. It can be understood as a kind of processing fee.
With our booking system it is possible to book two ladies in a row during a holiday. The one-time payment is of course only charged once.
As a rule of thumb, about two months before your trip. Every lady keeps her personal calendar. After sending your ticket or e-ticket, we block the days in the calendar for you, so that it can not be booked by any other guest in your period. For very popular women, therefore, an early booking is worthwhile.
A single holiday in the so-called rainy season (June-October) can certainly make sense, especially since the term was chosen a bit unhappy. Rainy season means one or two heavy and short rainstorms in Thailand. After half an hour of cooling, the sun comes out again. The unbeatable cheap flight and hotel prices compared to the high season make a holiday in the off-season worthwhile.
An insider tip is the island of Koh Samui, because unlike the rest of Thailand, it does not rain there during the summer. The rainy season on the beautiful island of Koh Samui is delayed and lasts from September to December.
When making a booking request, you are welcome to enter this special request in the field Comment.
The price for the extra effort and special request is 1.5 times the normal price.
Currently, our Thai tour guides Pra and Num on the island of Phuket are available for this romance
On the island of Phuket we offer a 4-star hotel: See the offer.
The total price which is shown when you create a booking request on our website is always without accommodation. You are welcome to book your own hotel according to your wishes and budget.
Since the hotel prices in Thailand are always per room, it does not matter if you are sleeping alone or together. The lady checks-in easily with you together. Please check the location of the lady on her profile which can be Phuket, Bangkok or Pattaya.

Hotel recommendations from our satisfied guests we share under: Travel packages

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