Thai Single Reisen Buchung

The booking process

The most important thing in advance: No prepayments are required from our guests. All costs will be charged locally in Thailand. Only our booking fee (one time payment) needs to be paid electronically – but with various of methods and only after you have met your companion. We understand ourselves for the entire journey – … Continued

Buchung ohne Vorauszahlung.

How do I pay?

We are a serious provider who trusts his guests, and therefore does not require any advance payment prior to the start of your single holiday. The total costs consist of the one-time payment and the daily rate. The one-time payment of 5000 THB (approx. 130 €) is charged once per booking and needs to be paid … Continued

Thai Single Reisen Filter

Simplified Booking

Thai Single Reisen Filter At the request of our guests, we have installed a filtering option for the holiday location in the companion gallery . Also, only those companions who are available in the selected period and location are shown during the booking. This prevents incorrect bookings and ensures that the Thai companion is actually … Continued