Costs and prices - Holiday in Thailand

Thailand market with restaurants
Freshly prepared dishes are available for 1-2 € in markets and so-called food stalls.

The following price list is intended to give an indication of the pocket money needed during a vacation in Thailand. The rule of thumb for services is that the German price is divided by 5 (such as massage or hairdressing). Food usually costs half to a third of the German price.
The price examples assume that you can get 38 baht for one euro.

  • Fine dining in the restaurant for 2 people: 10€ to 20 €
  • Food in the market for 2 people: 1 € to 2 €
  • Beer in a bar: 1 € to 2 €
  • Box of cigarettes (depending on the brand): 1 € to 1.50 €
  • Haircut (man): € 2.50
  • Bus to Bangkok: less than € 4
  • Taxi from Phuket Airport to Patong: 25 € (1 hour)
  • Scooter rental on the day 5-6 €

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