Experience within Thai quarantine hotel

Dear Thailand friends and single travelers,

We are currently receiving a lot of inquiries from guests as to whether entry to Thailand is possible again.
In short: With the TR visa (tourist visa for 60 days) you can re-enter with a little preparation.
Information on the necessary preparations is available on the consulate websites such as B. Munich or Frankfurt, as well as in our current update on the Corona situation: Entry requirements to Thailand .

We would like to briefly summarize our personal experience with the mandatory two-week quarantine below.

Pick-up at the airport during Corona times
Pick-up at the airport during Corona times
Thailand quarantine hotel
Thailand in the quarantine hotel

Experience in the ASQ-Hotel (alternative state quarantine) O2 Luxury Bangkok

ASQ recommendation from ThaiSingleReisen
ASQ hotels can now be booked at a discount on Agoda

  • The first 4 days were exhausting because you have to stay in the room
  • On the 5th day, after the first corona test, you can spend the whole day on the roof terrace
  • There were many guests from the DACH region in the hotel, so that a kind of regulars' table was created on the roof terrace
  • In retrospect, the quarantine was less bad than expected, better than at home in lockdown

We at ThaiSingleReisen can clearly state that it was the right decision to return to Thailand in these difficult Corona times - despite the mandatory quarantine.

Of course, you need the pocket money and the time to quarantine for 2 weeks. However, it is not as bad with outdoor access on the roof terrace or in the hotel garden. You just have to know how to keep busy - for example by working from the hotel room, reading, watching TV or talking to “fellow prisoners” 😉.
As demanded by the governments, many employers have completely switched to home office. We have therefore met some Europeans who do their work from Thailand - with a favorable time difference and in good weather.

The lockdown in Europe will most likely be extended until spring. In Thailand, after having comleted the quarantine, one has the prospect of the vacation of a lifetime: With our pretty holiday companions who are also starved from a romantic point of view 😉. In addition, you will find lonely dream beaches, without mass tourism and annoying Russians and Chinese.

5 responses to “Experience within Thai quarantine hotel

  1. Ich bin Saxofonist und würde gerne mal wieder meine Musiker- und sonstigen Freunde in Thailand besuchen, so wie die Musikszene in Bangkok auschecken. Kann ich im Voraus checken, in welchen Quarantäneunterbringungen (Komfort nicht wichtig) tägliches Üben mehrere Stunden o.k. ist – Unterkunft, evtl. Keller, Lagerräume etc.?

    1. Hallo Günther,

      in Gemeinschaftsräume wie Keller oder co. werden sie dich nicht lassen. Das widerspricht ja den Quarantäne-Bestimmungen. Aber die Hotels sind nicht voll besetzt und deswegen würdest du beim Üben im Zimmer auch keinen Nachbar stören.
      Im empfohlenen O2 Luxury Hotel in Bangkok durften die Gäste ab dem 5. Tag auf die Dachterrasse. Wenn du da früh am Morgen raufgehst, würdest du auch niemanden stören.

  2. Für Fragen und Anregungen stehen wir gerne bereit 🙂

    Translated: We are open to any suggestions or comments :-)

    1. Ist es möglich das Visum nach 60 Tagen zu verlängern? Und kann ich mich nach der Quarantäne in Thailand frei bewegen?

      Translated: It is possible to extend the TR-Visa after 60 days? And can I move freely after the quarantine in Thailand?

      1. Hallo Jürgen,
        nach der Quarantäne kannst du dich frei bewegen. Alle Geschichten von App-Überwachung oder Sonstigem stimmen nicht.
        Das TR-Visum kann für eine Gebühr von 1900 THB um 30 Tage verlängert werden.

        Translated: Hello Jürgen,
        after the quarantine you can move freely. The horror stories about supervision via Apps or other methods are not true.
        The TR-visa can be extended for another 30 days by paying a fee of 1900 THB.

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