How do I pay?

We are a serious provider who trusts his guests, and therefore does not require any advance payment prior to the start of your single holiday. The total costs consist of the one-time payment and the daily rate.

  • The one-time payment of 4000 THB (approx. 104 €) is charged once per booking and needs to be paid the the girl on the first day. It is possible to book more than one companion, the one-time fee will of course only charged once.
  • The daily rate depends on the season and level of the girl - it is paid every day directly to the Thai companion. That creates trust on both sides.
Booking without advance payment.
Booking without advance payment

See the prices: Prices & Service.

No worries: You do not have to commit yourself to the one and only Thai girl because you have the opportunity to change your company during your vacation. The change due to lack of sympathy on both sides is free, for each additional a small processing fee of 50 EUR is charged (seePrices & Service).