About Thai Single Reisen

We are a team of Germans and Thais who have been living in Thailand for a long time or spend most of the year there.
The idea to found our travel agency ThaiSingleReisen came through the uncertainty of many keen travellers from our distant circle of friends and colleagues who had no experience with Thailand. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend who knows Thailand and will accompany you on your first trip, as well as warning you about typical beginner's mistakes.

Thailand is a very safe and comfortable country to travel to. It is not difficult to meet nice women in bars. But if you are a newcomer to Thai entertainment districts and are looking for your companion and partner, you will inevitably fall into traps. Many inexperienced vacationers return to their homecountry with an empty wallet and a broken heart.
We also had to learn from our mistakes, which we made during our first holidays in Thailand. We would like to spare you this "lesson" that you will inevitably pay as a newcomer in Thailand.

The staff of ThaiSingleReisen is at home in Europe and Thailand and is fluent in Thai and German. Our guests have a English speaking contact person at their disposal during the whole trip - from the planning to the return flight.

The price-performance ratio we offer for an experienced, good-looking 24-hour companion, including our support, is unbeatable. Our companions will satisfy your needs as a man as well as your curiosity about the country and culture. We get closer to our goal to become the best provider of singles trips to Thailand with every satisfied guest.