Thai Tour Guide Pra

Thai Frau Phuket Pra


Age 37
Height 153 cm
Weight 45 kg
Languages Thai and English
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Pra is a very sexy and thrustworty escort girl for the island of Phuket. Sie is the ideal party for newbies in the field "single holiday in Thailand".

4 reviews for Thai Tour Guide Pra

  1. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Pla was a good friend and companion during my trip to Phuket. She speaks very good English which was really fortunate for me as I don’t speak any Thai. She gave me a lot of helpful advice for my holiday. And she found fun activities for us to do every day, even on the days when the weather was bad and on the day I was sick. She certainly is a good choice for a newcomer to Phuket.

  2. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    At first I wanted to book Jew but she had to watch her child. So I chose Pra (I think Pla!?) because I thought a older one will be more relaxed and less drama.

    So on the first day she arrived late (like 4pm) but the first four days were really nice – we had a good time.

    After that her mood changed and the vibe was off. After a bad day I asked her to leave the next day – She cried a lot and we reunioned, so I gave her a second chance. (Big mistake)

    The next days were OK but the last night and day were terrible, I was happy when she left.

    In the End I paid for 9 days but really just got 8 and 2 of them were not good.

    Here some things you should know:

    – She don’t like the Sun
    – She don’t like pool or ocean
    – She don’t like beef (If you ate some, it means you smell bad)
    – She eats a lot
    – She is always on her phone, even more at night
    – She goes to sleep late (like 3 am, every day)
    – She sleeps very long (like 2 pm)
    – The Pictures here are old but she still looks nice (I think she looks better in person)
    – She freaks out if you don’t do or buy everything she wants.
    – She get really loud if angry (happend to me in public space)
    – In the room it’s nice with her

    • (verified owner)

      Hi Christian,

      we already replied by e-mail. Thank you for the useful comment.
      As everybody sees, experiences can be difficult among guests because we are all no robots.
      If Pra had so many negative points, then I wonder why you did not change earlier. Maybe it was because we did not ask or because of the last point above.
      The Thai “R” is often pronounced as “L” because many Asian people cannot speak the “R”, so “Pla” is also fine.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Ich war mit Pla (Pra) sehr zufrieden. Sie hat mir einiges vom Land gezeigt. Sie hat mir die unterschiedliche Küchen des Landes nahgebracht, sie hat Ausflüge geplant und mit mir gemacht,sie kann einen zum lachen und schmuntzeln bringen. Wenn man(n) etwas vom Land sehen möchte, ist Sie eine gute Begleitung.
    Sie ist aber definitiv keine Begleiterin für Männer, die ihren Urlaub nur im Hotelzimmer verbringen möchten. Leider hatte Sie sich erkältet, so dass dieser Aspekt bei meinem Besuch etwas kürzer kam.

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