New price system with levels

06.09.2015: In order to better distribute the workload of our companions, we have introduced a staggered price system. The basic price remains the same, but from today there are different prices - depending on the demand and experience of the lady. New companions start at level 1, while our top companions have level 3. The level says nothing about the skills and service of the lady, it only reflects how asked and how often a lady is booked.
With the new price system, we hope to be able to distribute bookings more evenly to all women and to offer cheaper prices to guests who also like to choose a new and inexperienced companion.

Even if some forums say otherwise: It is almost impossible (barfine from 500-2000 THB included) to find a companion comparable to our ladies elsewhere, unless a man is a supermodel or promises to marry the Thai woman, which - if man is not serious - is immoral.

The prices staggered according to season and level can be found in the price table .

Profile of the companion with level 2, represented by 2 stars
Profile of companion Ying with level 2, represented by 2 stars. The prices can be found in the price table .