Cheap holiday in Pattaya

For single-travellers who want to spend several weeks or even months in Thailand, a hotel room is a convenient but expensive option. You can save a lot of money by renting an apartment for the duration of your holiday. Especially in the beautiful coastal town of Pattaya there is a huge selection of apartments that can be booked for € 400 per month. In comparison, that is equal to 5 hotel nights a 80 € per night.

Apartments are called condominiums (or just "condos") in Thailand and make life incredibly easy. Condos usually have their own mini-market open 24 hours, a gym and a swimming pool.

Apartment The Base in Pattaya
Apartment The Base in Pattaya - Sea View

On this website, the condo can be booked easily. The landlords see their object as a financial investment in economically emerging Thailand, leave it often empty, but are all the more looking for reliable European holiday guests. The smallest room category starts at around 400 € per month. In addition, there are electricity and water costs, which make up about 20 €. Our travel companions check the meter reading for you, so that you can understand everything exactly

In addition to the low cost of accommodation, only the fee of the woman (3400 THB or 95 € per day) and food costs are added. For food and drinks in Thailand estimate about 1500 THB, so about 42 € for the whole day.

Trips during a single vacation in Pattaya

The most obvious thing is - if you already have an apartment in Pattaya - to plan trips directly to the nearest area. Ko Larn Island is only 15 - 60 minutes away from Pattaya (depending on whether you choose speedboat or ferry). Dreamlike sandy beaches and clear water are waiting for you and your companion. The round trip with a normal ferry from the Pattaya Bali Hai Pier costs only 5 € for two persons, the private speedboat ride for 50 € round trip is still relatively cheap. The island of Koh Larn is therefore perfect for a day trip, in the evening relax and make yourself comfortable with your Thai girl back in your apartment.

 Koh Larn Pattaya
Koh Larn Pattaya

Pattaya Attractions

There is much to discover in Pattaya and the surrounding area. Listing all the attractions would go beyond the scope. The following website has a top 10 ranking of recommended places.

Koh Samet and Koh Chang islands

Koh Samet
Koh Samet - dream island next to Pattaya

Two famous and beautiful islands of Koh Samet and Koh Chang are within easy reach of Pattaya. The drive to the island of Koh Samet from Pattaya takes only 1.5 hours. As always, there are significant differences in the price. With the bus and public ferry one manages it for under 10 € for two persons. The faster minibus comes to a total of 20 € and the luxury version with speedboat directly to the beach costs 60 € for 2 people.

A day trip from Pattaya to Koh Samet is too stressful - even if the travel time is short. There are accommodations for every taste and budget on the island. Simple beach bungalows are available for just 15 € per night, an exclusive resort can cost up to 150 € per night. But Koh Samet is a natural island where big hotel chains like Hilton and co. find no place. That makes the island all the more likeable, as does Koh Chang.

As always, our companions help you with price negotiation, vacation planning, booking us other organizational matters

Cost for 20 days single holiday with Thai companion

Cost item Cost Comment
Flight 500 - 800 € once Very cheap from April to November
Booking fee 5000 THB or 139 € once One-time payment, due at first contact
Accommodation 400 € upwards per month with an apartment (see above)
Living expenses 1200 THB (about 34 €) per day 2x food in the restaurant for 2 persons
Thai companion 3400 THB (about 1 €) per day from 10 days with the same lady: only 70 €
Excursions on islands 2 nights with hotel about 150 € including hotel and transfer
Total cost for 20 days approx. 3000 € (without flight) with 20 days Thai companion in apartment

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