Corona situation in Thailand

Dear Thailand friends and Single-Travelers,

Updates on entry requirements are available at Vacation in Thailand and entry during the Corona crisis.

Thailand opens fully to tourism from 01 November onwards, with only one night quarantine in the hotel to wait for the PCR test result. Soon there will be a rapid test that no more quarantine at all will be necessary.

Jomtien Beach at Corona times
Jomtien Beach Corona Times

With the positive Corona tests of some migrant workers from Myanmar, the merry-go-round is now unfortunately spinning again and there is increased testing in the country, which of course leads to positive cases.
Corona statistics report only 70 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic (note: there are more road deaths per day), also almost all cases are asymptomatic.

In the last few days, we welcomed some guests who are currently spending a wonderful vacation with their Thai companion. There is the ultimate chance right now to enjoy Thailand without annoying Russian, Chinese and Arab tourist groups. You can move freely throughout Thailand as a tourist. There are nearly no Corona restrictions at all.

Update 2021/12/01
A vacation in Thailand is back to normal for the most part. The mask (simply cotton mask is OK) can be worn comfortably and casually. Alcohol is served in coffee cups in some regions (eg Pattaya).
Here are a few nice impressions of the island of Koh Larn located in front of Pattaya - currently still without Russians and Chinese.

Pattaya bei Nacht
Pattaya at night
Koh Larn Beach
Koh Larn Beach during Corona
Koh Larn Beach during Covid-19

Update 2021/10/13 Thailand opens fully from first November onwards - no quarantine anymore. Hopefully everything goes back to normal as it was in the past.

Update 2021/09/17 Corona cases Bangkok are decreasing fast and are now below the level of European countries. Thailand is sticking to its plan to fully open the country to vaccinated holidaymakers from October 15 onwards.

Update 2021/07/12
From today onwards, a partial lockdown with curfews from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. is in effect in the capital Bangkok and some provinces. The cause of the renewed small lockdown was the Indian or so called Delta variant. Many people see the Thai government's reaction as exaggerated, since the death and case numbers have remained at such a low level since the beginning of the pandemic (about 70 deaths per day in a population of 70 million). With these numbers, other Western countries would never have gone into a lockdown. Thailand seems not to want to lose its reputation as a safe vacation destination under any circumstances.

Pattaya Video
Pattaya Nightlife during Corona times

  • Also in Bangkok restaurants do serve alcohol in public again. Closing hours are at 01 a.m.
  • The life in Thailand is quite "normal", aside from mask wearing (but not in public areas)
  • The nightlife has come back. This means: Bars and discos in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Phuket are open again

Pattaya Disco Corona
2021/03 Pattaya Disco in Walking Street during Corona Times

Pattaya Beach Corona
2021/03 Pattaya Beach gets fuller

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